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Meet Mike Buglewicz

Lifelong Tucsonan and Family Man

Mike Buglewicz is a lifelong resident of Pima County and currently lives in Precinct 4. He and his wife of 33 years have two children and four wonderful grandchildren.

If you ever find yourself in court, Michael is the Justice of the Peace you'll want listening to you. Anyone who knows Michael, would have confidence he will use his decades of work and service and training and community interaction to make correct, sound, legally standing decisions.

  • Honesty

  • Fairness

  • Integrity

  • Impartiality

  • Compassion

A Passion for Our Community

Mike has been involved in the criminal justice system of Pima County for 35 years and has seen criminal cases at every stage and nearly every angle. When he worked as a Corrections Officer and a Probation Officer, he saw how a lack of resources and offender treatment programs could result in individuals becoming repeat offenders. He also witnessed firsthand how people arrested for a crime could completely turn their lives around with the proper support.

During his time as a school resource officer, he worked to ensure that children and families knew about the resources available, and he worked tirelessly to steer kids away from criminal activity.

As a Detective who specializes in investigating domestic violence cases, Mike Buglewicz has witnessed the true and terrible impact that domestic violence has on our community. He is a board member for a domestic violence center. He also worked tirelessly to help change Arizona law to provide domestic violence survivors with greater protections, signed by Gov. Ducey. He testified before the Arizona Legislature about the safety concerns that far too many survivors in our community live with daily. His testimony helped in the passage of SB1217, later signed under HB2604. This doubled the timespan of protective orders to two years, and extended emergency protective orders to seven calendar days.

Justices of the Peace preside over thousands of criminal cases a year. Many of which are domestic violence cases. Support and services are available to survivors and family members. Intervention counseling is also available to defendants and is designed to reduce the chances that a person will harm a partner again in the future. If elected to Justice of the Peace, Michael Buglewicz would ensure all resources are available to all parties, that survivors are supported, and that defendants have the tools needed to break the cycle. It can end.

A Teacher and a Listener

You learn a few things after 35 years on the streets and testifying in courtrooms. Mike Buglewicz knows Arizona law. More importantly, he knows about the Constitutional rights that both victims and defendants have. He has spent his entire career ensuring that everyone's rights under the law are protected. He also ensures that everyone he meets-- regardless of who they are-- is treated with respect, fairness, and compassion. Everyone has a story to tell. Mike's there to listen to it.

Michael Buglewicz is a respected member of our community. His vast knowledge in Domestic Violence is often called upon to teach others in this area of expertise. Michael has earned the reputation as Pima County's domestic violence law enforcement expert. He has been asked to teach on a variety of topics in Arizona and across the nation for other law enforcement agencies. and victim advocacy groups. Some of Mike's greatest attributes are his temperament and his common sense. His fairmindedness. His respect of others, all others. His love of his family.

As a teacher, here's just a little of what he's done:

  • Southwest Regional Motors Unit Guide/Instructor

  • Defensive Tactics, Firearms, and General Instructor Certified

  • Author of the P.R.O.T.E.C.T. program, an all-encompassing modern program for law enforcement, courts and victim services

  • Instructed locally and nationally for the National Organization for Victims Assistance

  • Instructed on Domestic Violence, the APRAIS risk assessments, and the P.R.O.T.E.CT. program for the Department of Justice.

Because of his dedication and passion for this Community, Mike Buglewicz has received multiple Public Safety Achievement Medals, as well as several Sheriff's Commendations.